BMW recently produced a fully electric SUV model

The 2022 BMW iX is a luxury midsize SUV that provides performance and comfort.

Is anyone actually going to buy the expensive luxury SUV?

BMW offers two different iX models: the iX xDrive50 and the iX M60. The former starts at $83,200.

The latter starts at $105,100. Both luxury electric SUVs are eligible for the full federal electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500 as of the spring of 2022.

The tax incentive brings the iX xDrive50’s price closer to $75,700. The iX M60’s price is closer to $97,600 after the incentive.

The iX electric SUV is by no means affordable, but the German automaker isn’t targeting the average consumer with this new model.

The BMW iX is made for the wealthy. It’s meant to become the creme de la creme of electric SUVs in the next few years.

Its features give the vehicle a great chance at the top spot. The luxury electric SUV space is slowly emerging, and it has been long dominated by Tesla.

The iX is a battle cry from BMW. The automaker, like most of its rivals, realizes that electric vehicles are the future.

The i4 and iX are meant to dominate the luxury EV space in the years to come by providing BMW’s special brand of style, comfort, and opulence.

The i4 and iX are much more expensive than the average new vehicle price, so it’ll be practically unattainable for many Americans, especially as inflation rages on

BMW has once again given the average consumer something to strive for and developed another status symbol for the world’s affluent.

The 2022 BMW iX comes standard with perforated SensaTec upholstery, a floating center console, and an upholstered instrument panel with stitching.