The days of selling your used Tesla for a profit and ordering a new one with the proceeds are long gone.

The days of Tesla owners being able to profitably sell their secondhand EVs are long gone.

Tesla is lowering the price of new cars, and used Tesla car values are decreasing more quickly 

Tesla EVs are also spending more time on dealer lots than in the past, according to industry data supplied to Reuters.

In November, the typical cost of a used Tesla was $55,754, which is a reduction of 17% from the record price of $67,297 i

According to statistics from research company Edmunds, the price decrease is more than the 4 percent decline

In November, used Teslas stayed in dealer inventory an average of 50 days, compared to 38 days

The Ukraine war's impact on gasoline costs has increased demand for Teslas during the past year.

 Tesla took advantage of the rising demand by raising prices more quickly than other automakers

Owners who sold their used but still-relatively-new Teslas for a profit and then used the money to place 

For instance, researchers found that over a third of used Teslas for sale in August were 2022 models 

indicating that the original purchasers were planning to flip. Compared to other brands, 2022 models were only available