Audi has worked hard on the powertrain of this latest iteration of the Q8 Sportback

The SQ8 puts out an impressive 496 horsepower in its Sportback form

This isn't as good as the Model X Plaid, but it's a much more manageable level of performance for everyday use

Something some EV makers tend to forget

Many powers are all well and good, but they have to be easy to work with

Three electric motors form the architecture of the Sportback version of the SQ8

One on the front axle of the car and two on the rear.

With a 0-100km/h acceleration of just 4.5 seconds

it has enough acceleration to satisfy the average family

A top speed of 131 mph is also good enough for most people.

Less power and speed than the Model X? Well, it may sound strange to say, but it is.

Why does the Plaid need over 1,000 horsepower? If you hate dangerous driving, speeding you don't have to.