Finally, the appearance of the actual, production-spec Tesla electric pickup is known.

Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Cybertruck to the world last night on stage after several renderings and rumours.

The responses were also...interesting. not due to the specifications, but more the appearance. 

Musk stated that Blade Runner will serve as the inspiration for the Tesla electric truck. 

And it definitely doesn't resemble any other vehicle on the market right now.

However, judging by the consensus on the Internet, Ridley Scott is the last thing from anyone's

The visuals in video games have advanced significantly in recent years.

 Who knows how much force will be necessary to have it clean the entire windscreen?

Tesla Cybertruck caused many people to reflect on the early days of gaming on Reddit and Twitter.

But folks aren't only comparing the Tesla Cybertruck to video games.

 It has been compared by some to an MS Paint drawing or an early CAD demonstration.

Tesla would pay their son royalties for utilising the drawings he created when he was 4 years old.