Michael investigates if the most extreme production drag vehicle in the world can be used as a reliable everyday driving.

 to travel to sunny Arizona in order to get the answer to a crucial query. Can you drive the Dodge Demon on a regular basis?

Despite its immense power, a Dodge Demon is street legal and suitable for daily driving.

Is it all too much for you to handle? Let's try to get a few responses.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was a tuned-up version of the Hellcat Hemi,

 With 840 horses while the Demon Crate was running on race fuel and 808 horses at stock

Demons has also been dyno tested and achieved 870 horsepower without any modifications

In order to obtain his 9-second licence and see "whether the world's most extreme production drag vehicle

Radford Racing School in Chandler, Arizona, to loan him one of their highest-spec Challenger Demons.

Runkle first experiences road noise when driving the Demon on a fairly bumpy road.

 He wonders if this is a result of the road itself or if any sound deadening was removed to make the car lighter.

He did observe that, for the most part, the ride is as smooth as Arizonan asphalt will allow.

Because of greater launch control and rear-wheel traction, the Challenger Demon features a softer suspension than

Runkle points out that because none of the following Challenger models have been able to match