Electric vehicles (EVs) have a lot of advantages, including zero emissions, rapid acceleration, and a quiet ride.

 However, one of the main issues with EVs is that they often have a shorter driving range than equivalent gas-powered vehicles.

Only one electric vehicle in production now has a range of more than 500 miles: the 2022 Lucid Air premium sports sedan.

The 2022 Lucid Air boasts the greatest predicted driving range of any production EV,

with the Dream Edition Range trim having a range of 520 miles.

Although the range of the other Lucid Air trims is less, it is still more than that of other available electric vehicles.

For electric vehicles, extending the range is a huge problem, but the Lucid Air achieved an engineering milestone

Because Lucid focused on efficiency while designing the Air, it has a high range. It has a potential fuel efficiency

The Air was built with range in mind in many different ways. 

 This includes its "aerodynamic form that decreases drag at high speeds" and "miniaturised

The Air also features a huge 112.0-kWh battery pack.

The Air features a large driving range and quick recharge capabilities. 

The electric sports vehicle can increase its range by 300 miles in only 20 minutes.

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