Online Petition Urges Hyundai To Build Palisade N Concept

There is a online petition hoping to convince Hyundai to actually turn this fantasy into reality. 

This year, on April 1st, Hyundai posted a drawing of a "Palisade N" on Instagram. 

This rendering represented an imagined iteration of Hyundai's three-row SUV that had been given new life by its N Performance Division. 

Of course, no such vehicle exists at the moment or had ever been mentioned, 

but the Korean corporation has unintentionally (or intentionally? )stimulated interest and tapped into something it definitely did not foresee, at least to this extent. 

There is now an online petition on asking Hyundai to make this dream a reality.

If You Build It... Both critics and customers have given the Palisade and Telluride high praise, 

and they have helped Hyundai achieve sales records never before achieved. 

According to Car and Driver and Autoweek, the SUV is a terrific value and the "one to beat." It offers good value for the money.

There is no doubt that the new Korean twins have created quite a stir in the always-hot market segment and ...

have changed the game for a mid-size SUV with their value proposition,