The L88's original 7.0-liter engine was officially rated at 430 hp 

but the actual output was probably closer to 560.  

However, a restmod like this needs a suitably modern engine

it is enough to look to Chevrolet's own C8 his Corvette Z06 for inspiration 

Powered by the Z06, this high-revving 5.5-liter flat-shaft naturally aspirated LT6 V8 makes 

an impressive 670 horsepower, giving plenty of motivation to the lightweight C2 Corvette body. 

Incorporating his MagneRide suspension in the Z06 

Restomod delivers excellent handling on the racetrack while remaining comfortable for Sunday night cruising. 

Following the engine and suspension, upgrading the brakes to a large front 6-piston  

rear 4-piston to deal with the extra power makes a lot of sense. 

Inside you can consider covering the dashboard and steering wheel with leather.  

I think Prokop's restomod rendering of a 1968 Corvette L88 stays true to the purpose concept for which this particular classic was originally made