A natural calamity was used by Elon Musk to advertise the Tesla Cybertruck.

 Isn't there excellent press everywhere? Elon wants you to know that the Tesla Cybertruck

can act as a boat while hurricane Ian pounding the east coast, but some sceptics are dubious.

Elon Musk enjoys bringing up the Tesla Cybertruck even though it has had several delays. 

He seized the chance to draw attention to himself and the futuristic vehicle in the aftermath of a major national catastrophe.

Elon Musk reportedly tweeted that the Tesla Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to temporarily

We may be outdated, but it's advisable to turn around and avoid drowning when faced with flood waters.

How long does the Cybertruck truly have to operate as a boat when Musk claims it can do so momentarily?

Additionally, flash floods and storm waves that are rushing are quite powerful. It throws home

 Do not attempt to enter the storm, please. What does "water-proof" sufficiently mean in addition?

What transpires when you reach the waterproof threshold? Can water get inside the seals?

We're still awaiting the Tesla Cybertruck's arrival to evaluate its capabilities, though. 

Despite being scheduled to go into production in 2021, the final design is only now being completed.

Elon's attorneys may be under a lot of pressure if he said the Cybertruck could battle the sea.