People at the Jeep went nuts when they saw the Roxor 

Roxor was too similar to the original his Willys Jeep 

Jeep, the parent company of his brand at the time, Fiat, Chrysler 

Automobiles, accused Roxall of infringing on their own intellectual property and violating 

Jeep's trade his dress," threatening the brand's reputation. claimed to hurt However 

Mahindra tried to fulfill a design contract signed with Fiat in 2009.  

A vehicle that Mahindra was licensed to manufacture long ago. 

Ultimately, a US court ruled that the front grille did not violate the Jeep's trade dress 

but rather the vehicle as a whole. So not only was the Roxor not legal to drive on public roads 

it wasn't legal anywhere after a stop order was issued. 

The changes made to the Roxor are minor. Mahindra redesigned the front grille 

The bonnet was chamfered to remove the tapered look that led to the bulging wheel arches that Jeep initially ranted about.