Mahindra has announced the Roxor 2022 which is currently being routed to dealers.

While most companies talk about countless changes to their "redesigned" vehicles 

Mahindra said little about updates. However, they eventually conceded that "the vehicle 

underneath is unchanged," so this is a substantial facelift. Their silence has good reason.  

To briefly summarize the situation, in 2019 Administrative Judge Cameron Elliott found Roxor violating Jeep's trade his dress. 

Mahindra then unveiled an updated Roxor, dropping the slotted grille and reminiscent of the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. 

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. International Trade Commission endorsed Jeep and blocked sales of the Roxor in America 

the ITC ultimately decided that the updated Roxor was different enough not to violate Jeep's trade his dress. 

This brings us to Roxor 2022. The Roxor 2022 has a new and more conventional looking front end. 

As you can see, it features a single-bar grille with mesh inserts flanked by circular headlights that have been moved to the outer rim of the vehicle 

2022 Roxor starts at $18,899 for the base and $26,299 for the all-weather.  

The latter seems to be a tough sell, though, as you can get a street-legal 2021 Jeep Wrangler for $30,665, including Target. Positioned as side by side.