Mahindra Loxar is back in North America 

It has a new face and some old parts underneath 

but it's a blank sheet of paper that can be sold on American soil. 

This is the story of the Mahindra Roxar, a bite-sized off-road SUV 

This is how it was approved for sale in the United States. 

The Mahindra Roxar is a bite-sized four-wheel drive SUV. 

A model based on the barebones of the first-generation Mahindra Thar 

a popular SUV in India. But when it was first revealed to the public in 2018 

Mahindra knew the Roxor would not meet American laws allowing 

it to be driven on public roads. It is positioned as a side-by-side SUV.  

Under the hood was his 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel four-cylinder engine tuned to produce a whopping 62 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque.  

It also came with a 5-speed manual, an automatic option, a 4x4 drive and two seats. Roxor was to be the first step for the Indian automaker to eventually enter the US car market.