Driving in snow on summer tyres is never advised for any vehicle

but one auto writer learned this the hard way with his 2001 Chevy Corvette Z06.

Ramsey, an assistant editor for Autoblog, drove from his home in the Cincinnati area to see his friend in Florida

Ramsey's vacation this year reportedly began right before the start of the new year, according his Autoblog piece.

 Prior to leaving, he reviewed the 10-day prognosis and stated that "forecasters didn't expect anything even somewhat

 He decided to take his Corvette Z06 for a spin rather than the Buick or Land Cruiser in his fleet.

Ramsey's Corvette experienced a flat tyre on the way back to his house,

After that, he continued north beyond Atlanta and stopped for the night to prevent driving

The following day, Ramsey continued his journey and made his way slowly through Tennessee and up to Kentucky.

 After then, ice spots emerged on the ground and snow started to fall from the sky gently.

 Ramsey pulled his Corvette slowly past Mt. Vernon on the northbound 75 as traffic stalled.

If you've ever driven in the snow, you are aware of the importance of momentum

Your automobile is depending on whatever traction it can get from the tyres contacting the road

Ramsey's brand-new Michelin Pilot 4S tyres weren't helping him at all.