While Lucid could be having difficulties, as EV companies often do, it is growing in Europe and now has its sights set on China.

We recently reported that one of Lucid Motors' first retail and service locations in Europe had been established.

Lucid Motors is a US-based electric car company that competes with Tesla.

It appears that the high-end luxury EV manufacturer began hiring in China about the same time

Additionally, the business has launched its first location in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

Since China has the world's largest automobile market, it is a crucial market for automakers.

Additionally, it is now regarded as the best brand for EV production.

Tesla entered the nation and has had great success. Additionally, it made Shanghai its main base for exports.

Lucid looks to be gearing up to join the club sooner rather than later as Tesla contends with a lengthy list of EV manufacturers.

Teslarati claims that a number of recent local sources have come to light indicating that Lucid

The broad spectrum of occupations includes everything from management and engineering to retail and law. 

According to the article, Lucid had a total of 14 open vacancies in Shanghai at the time of writing.

To be clear, it doesn't appear that Lucid is planning to employ just 14 people in China.

Instead, to fill at least some of the many jobs, the organisation may need more than one person.