Lucid Air Has 1 Huge Advantage Over All Tesla Model

The Lucid Air electric sports car has gained a lot of attention in its brief existence, including winning the prestigious 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year Award.

While Tesla continues to rule the electric vehicle market, the Lucid Air offers a significant edge.

It outperforms every Tesla model in one crucial category: driving range.

Lucid Air has a higher driving range than all Tesla model

Although EVs offer several advantages over gas-powered cars, their short driving range is a major drawback for many of them.

Range anxiety, or the worry that one may run out of battery power before returning home or finding a charging station, results from this.

This range concern is lessened by the Lucid Air electric sports car, though. 

It can travel up to 520 miles, according to estimates. This is the greatest range for a production electric car and exceeds the range of all Tesla models.

Maximum driving range estimates: 

– Lucid Air: 520 mile – Tesla Model S: 405 mile – Tesla Model 3: 358 mile

– Tesla Model X: 351 mile – Tesla Model Y: 330 mile

As you can see, no Tesla model comes close to matching the Lucid Air's 520 miles of range. 

With an estimated range of up to 405 miles, the Tesla Model S sports car has the longest driving range.