Just recently, the two businesses established multiyear supply deals.

Today, it was revealed that Panasonic Energy Co. and Lucid Group had signed multi-year 

 contracts to provide EV batteries "for Lucid's whole vehicle line-up."

In accordance with the press release, Panasonic will also provide lithium-ion EV batteries for the future Lucid Gravity

Given that Lucid also has a relationship with LG Chem (LG Energy Solution), which was initially announced in 2020,

It was said at the time that the South Korean business will supply just lithium-ion cells for the Lucid Air's "standard version" 

 In 2016, Lucid and Samsung SDI were also working on battery development.

Up till now, Lucid has relied on cylindrical battery cells of type 2170. (the same form factor as used by Tesla 

Rivian to name just a few other brands). Panasonic is likely to provide 2170-type cells as well.

The cells will first come from Japan where the Japanese firm has production lines for batteries of type 2170. 

 At its new plant in De Soto, Kansas, Panasonic will eventually provide batteries to Lucid that are made domestically

However, it is anticipated that the Kansas factory would begin producing in the 2024 fiscal year 

The facility will first concentrate on 2170-type batteries, but there is a plan to eventually incorporate

However, that's a different scenario since it's a direct cooperation with Tesla at the Tesla Gigafactory 1