It's refreshing to see some classic muscle vehicles get the attention they deserve in the digital world

It might be challenging to enjoy the simplest things in the digital era of vanity and power seeking,

 when expensive hypercars and insane tuner cars dominate social media.

Although there isn't a simple cure to restore one's senses, enjoying these pair of vintage Mopar muscle vehicles

We have a really straightforward example of automotive ASMR thanks to YouTuber and master mechanic Nick

 The idea is that they are not some leather-clad, 1,000 horsepower, full-carbon bodywork

Instead, this film serves as a lesson in respecting the classic and the traditional,

 what better way to do it as the holiday season comes to a close than by seeing their massive radial tyres

There is nothing like a pair of boulevard cruisers to clear the palate, and these adorably tidy, well-kept muscle

There is just a Plymouth with a 426 cubic-inch Hemi and a Dodge with a 340 cubic-inch Magnum in sight.

Neither vehicle has a contemporary crate engine or suspension modified for the track.

These two automobiles should be pushing 425 horsepower and 275 horsepower, respectively

according to manufacturer estimates, even though they purportedly produced far more power.

For Nick to do his magic, the two automobiles arrive from owners in far-off regions of the nation.