Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, won't be pleased, that much is certain. 

Pawel Pietryka, a former Tesla user interface designer, has left the organisation. 

He left behind these incredible pictures of the Cybertruck and complete self-driving software.

Pietryka founded his own design firm, Moderne Grafik Anstalt, after quitting Tesla.

Anyway, he shared these Cybertruck photographs on his Linkedin profile to promote his new business.

But several people, including electrek, managed to capture the photographs before they disappeared. 

Gratitude, electrek! Pietryka was in charge of the user interface, which means he was creating the touchscreen 

Therefore, you have been exposed to his work if you have ever driven or bought a Tesla.

The Cybertruck's user interface is demonstrated in this little movie.

Despite having a user interface, the Cybertruck prototype that was presented in November 2019

The final product may or may not look like this. If not, this directs them toward the ultimate touch screen.

Realistic environments will appear much more like these leaked photos in production representations.