In 2020, overlanding and off-roading seemed to explode with a “get outside now!” fervor as people emerged from their homes.

Those who off-road regularly will tell you that the trails are getting more crowded now as thrill seekers and adventurers find their inner camper

That’s not always a positive outcome for the faithful but it is a reality.

Automakers have responded in turn with rugged (or faux-rugged, as it may be) trims and accoutrements to appease the masses.

However, what looks like a knee-jerk reaction is hardly that when considering that product planners for the manufacturers

are looking ahead three to five years as they map out their prognostications.

Kia, for one, nailed it with its newest Telluride SUV for 2023.

Sure, the runaway hit for Kia has a new grille, redesigned dashboard and steering wheel, and more color options for the interior for 2023.

But check out its two new trims: the X-Line and X-Pro, both aimed squarely at the adventure market. 

It seems prescient now as the product planning process started several years ago, Telluride planner Sang Lee told Edmunds.

The X-Line, which replaces the Telluride Nightfall Edition, is available as an upgrade to the EX, SX and SX Prestige trims.

Along with some cosmetic enhancements, it gets unique 20-inch wheels and roof rails that give it an edgier look.

Alternatively, the X-Pro boasts Continental all-terrain tires wrapped around exclusive 18-inch black wheels.

The bumper is sculpted like the X-Line’s, which gives both new trims a 0.4-inch increase in ground clearance for a total of 8.4 inches