The love-fest continues. Ever since the Kia Telluride launched back in 2020, there’s never been another winner of this category

For the fourth year running, then, the Telluride remains all-conquering.

For good reason. The 2023 Telluride performs all the tasks required of a 3-row midsize SUV, and to a high degree.

But the pricing is absolutely reasonable once all the standard features are taken into account.

We’re not the only members of the Telluride Appreciation Society.

Kia can sell every single one it makes, while demand keeps resale values at the top of our midsize 3-row SUV ratings.

It seems we all recognize a good product when we see it.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the Telluride was the new SUV on the block.

Yet the 2023 model represents a mid-generation update, with styling changes, extra equipment, and a couple of new variants.

Style-wise, the 2023 Telluride retains that chunky/cool essence, offering new designs of alloy wheels and fresh paint choices. The base trim, LX, is far from basic.

Now it comes with a dual-display setup with driver information and the infotainment touchscreen set into one unit that dominates the dashboard

the kind of thing found in Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles.

With strong resale values having a beneficial effect on overall ownership costs, it also looks good in the bigger picture

That’s why we’ve made the Kia Telluride 3-row midsize SUV a Best Buy Award winner. Yet again.