You have choices if you're looking for a full-size vehicle that can transport your entire family or all of your friends.

 due to high petrol prices or maintenance expenses, some full-size cars are too expensive to acquire.

Following are KBB's recommendations for the most affordable full-size sedans to purchase over a five-year period

The Toyota Avalon is a misunderstood vehicle and a great selection for consumers searching for reasonably priced luxury.

 The Avalon Hybrid also takes the top place on Kelley Blue Book's (KBB) ranking of the most affordable full-size

The cost to purchase a Toyota Avalon Hybrid is specifically $47,376 over five years.

The Avalon Hybrid outperforms the other vehicles on KBB's list in terms of fuel efficiency,

 The five-year fuel expenses for the Avalon Hybrid are really $5,481, which is less than half what they are

The Chrylser 300 ranks second on the list of least expensive full-size automobiles and has the least expensive maintenance

 The Chrysler 300 costs $3,645 on average for maintenance over the course of five years

The Pentastar V6 engine's rather high thirst, however, raises the five-year cost beyond $48,000.

From an inexpensive full-size family vehicle with a V6 engine to tire-shredding supercharged V8 power,

On KBB's list of reasonably priced full-size cars, the Pentastar V6 model is your most reasonable choice

With a total cost of ownership of $49,000, the Dodge Charger is more expensive than both the Avalon Hybrid