For the 2022 model year, Toyota unveiled the full-size Tundra pickup truck in its third iteration.

When Toyota decided to replace the normally aspirated 5.7-liter V8 in the Tundra with a 3.4-liter twin-turbocharged V6

 The vehicle manufacturer maintained that the cutting-edge engine would be both potent and effective.

However, a few early 2022 Tundra purchasers discovered that their vehicles were flashing warning lights and entering limp

Toyota acknowledged that the wastegate, designed to release turbocharger pressure, was the root of the Tundra issue 

 asserts that the problem has been resolved by locating a new supplier for this component.

Owners of Tundra pickups were informed that they had a turbocharger failure when they took their vehicles to the Toyota store.

The wastegate, a valve designed to release excess pressure, was the root of the issue.

Additionally, several dealerships had a problem with protracted wait periods for replacement components.

According to Keith, owner of the Tundra, this converted the Tundras sitting outside of dealerships into "basically a $60,000 brick."

The dual turbochargers' location at the back of the Toyota Tundra's V6 engine is another drawback. 

Even if you manage to locate a replacement wastegate, installation will need a lot of work.

The research and development division of Toyota soon acquired numerous Tundras having issues

According to rumours, Toyota engineers actually dismantled some of the vehicles by separating the cab from the chassis