Wise people have often said that an already good thing shouldn't be messed with, solid advice routinely 

ignored in the automotive world and everywhere else.

Thankfully, Kia decided not to go that route with the 2023 Telluride midsize SUV

instead sticking close to the original winning formula—and that's a very good thing.

When the Telluride arrived as a 2020 model, it drew rave reviews and strong sales thanks to

a combination of virtues, including plenty of room for families and their gear

a well-appointed and comfortable cabin, and reasonable pricing—if you could find one that wasn't already snapped up by another eager customer.

 Kia has done little to change that, limiting revisions to cosmetic updates including a new grille, standard LED headlights, clear taillight lenses and not much else. 

There are also two new quasi-off-road trims with a rougher look. Other than that, Telluride remains largely the same

Perhaps the biggest news is that getting one might be easier, as the brand has increased production capacity at its assembly plant in Georgia.

Detroit Bureau Chief Aaron Bragman recently tasted two flavors of Telluride 2023 and found that

it remains a worthy contender in the category with few flaws

Click the link above to read Bragman's full review.

a quick look at six things we like and two things we don't like about the 2023 Kia Telluride, keep reading.