In the coming ten or so years, an increasing number of automakers, including Chevrolet,

have committed to phase out their internal combustion engine (ICE) models. But will the Corvette even be included in that? 

 A gas-electric hybrid Corvette is on the way even sooner—sometime next year, according to GM

What does this portend for the beloved vintage gas-powered sports car?

I want to tell you right now that the Corvette nameplate will remain in use. The worst possible choice on Chevy's

 The 'Vette as we know it, with its enormous V8 engine that roars at the top of its lungs, might not exist 

It may seem unusual or even unpleasant to witness the Corvette follow in the footsteps of the Subaru WRX STI

However, the 21st century is here. The only way to keep up with supercar competition is to electrify

GM President Mark Reuss "suggested that the gas-only Corvette will stay in production,"

The ICE-only Chevy sports vehicles may become extinct over the next few years.

Nobody could have predicted at the time that the changes would occur so swiftly or fiercely. 

new hybrid Corvette is not particularly startling, but it is astonishing how quickly and willingly the brand accepted the shift.

Rumors and announcements concerning a new hybrid-electric Corvette in January 2021 were received with conflicting responses

 While some supporters claim that hybrids represent the future of performance, others find it horrifying t