A Tesla Cybertruck dual has been seen in many renderings for some time.

Even just to provide a little visual, we whipped one up. Even though it will have a gas-powered engine,

Elon Musk also participated in the dual fun last year. He shared a depiction of a Cybertruck that was dual-positioned on Twitter.

An intimidating Cybertruck duel would be fantastic to watch in action. But from the standpoint of Tesla

The amount of bookings Tesla has for the Cybertruck is no longer disclosed

 Numbers as high as three million have been recorded.

However, not a single production version of the Cybertruck has been manufactured, according to Musk,

According to estimates, manufacturing will start in late 2023, and the first deliveries will start in early 2024.

That is very far away. It will be fascinating to see how many sceptics can hold out till then.

Many reservations will be satisfied by one of the EV trucks that Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Rivian will be entering in the competition.

But returning to the dual version, in June, Musk gave presentations at SpaceX, his other major business

Even though it looks a little different from our own representation, it achieves the same goal

 heavier weights than one may anticipate a normal Cybertruck to be able to transport.

Additionally, it displays innovative rack design, lights on the top, and broad, angular back fenders to support