Hyundai Really Changed Up Popular 2023 Palisade SUV: Here’s What’s New

For the South Korean manufacturer, the Hyundai Palisade's popularity is unparalleled. 

In customer polls and according to testers, it routinely ranks in the top two or three. 

However, Hyundai wasn't content to sit on its laurels, thus the 2023 Palisade has undergone significant revisions. 

Additionally, it receives stronger offroad features in addition to a redesign and interior enhancements.

Palisade sales account for a large portion of Hyundai's record-breaking sales results. 

And a large portion of those sales may be attributed to the SUV purchasers' appeal to the roomy cabin, performance, and features. 

However, its design is also driving sales. So it's unexpected that it's receiving such a significant renovation.

Besides Allison Barfield’s excellent post showing the leaked images, we have more info on what else is changing. 

What are the changes to the 2023 Palisade?

There will be a total redesign of the fascia, including the headlights, wheels, and mirrors. 

Those mirrors will have built-in turn signals and automated dimming. More alterations have also been made within the cabin.

We'll pitch the eight-inch and 10.25-inch displays. A 12.3-inch screen that has navigational features replaces them. 

A complete rearview mirror display, hydrophobic windows, remote smart park assist, Digital Key 2.0,