Owners of Hyundai Palisades have reported an unpleasant odour emanating from the interior of their SUV for several months.

Hyundai sent a service bulletin to address the problem after receiving feedback from an increasing number 

However, it appears that some of the in the bulletin listed fixes weren't sufficient to appease at least one owner.

The Drive claims that one of these SUVs unexpectedly appeared at an auction lately,

 Although a technical problem may result in a repurchase, the auction's description makes it apparent that a headrest 

Let's quickly recap the events surrounding the offensive Hyundai Palisade in case you missed them. 

Owners of Palisade SUVs first noticed a bad odour coming from the headrest in 2020.

Owners on PalisadeForum reportedly couldn't stand the smell, despite the fact that it was just a smell. 

Dealerships immediately identified the problem when Hyundai Palisade owners started to arrive with foul-smelling SUVs

This odd fragrance came from the foam inside the headrests. 

 Hyundai responded by issuing a service bulletin that calls for the use of neutralising chemicals directly to the foam

Owners of Palisade SUVs visited their nearby dealerships to get this problem fixed in order to prevent damage to their SUVs

According to The Drive, this Hyundai Palisade was offered at an Orlando, Florida, auction.

This SUV had to return to the dealership a number of times before it was eligible for state and municipal lemon law protection.