Recall the scandal about the Hyundai Palisade's foul interior? We hope that was eventually taken care of. 

Yes, it is a persistent issue for practically every automaker in the globe, not just the Palisade.

 The Palisade is too popular, which is an issue Hyundai never anticipated would arise.

This would typically be a good thing, no, an exceptional thing. Word of mouth and the media have both been quite favourable

This is a major issue in its eyes since it doesn't want to lose the customers it is luring to Hyundai.

The Korean Car Blog claims that Hyundai struggles to produce enough Palisades at its Ulsan facility in South Korea.

 Additionally, this is the sole facility where Hyundai's SUV is made.

As it seeks to find out how to meet demand, the manufacturer is weighing its choices.

Or it might transfer all Palisade manufacturing to other facilities outside the area.

However, the Korean labour union is the problem. It must consent to all production actions.

As a result, it appears that production will continue in South Korea, but at a different site. 

No output should be exported, according to the union. But it goes farther than choosing a different domestic assembly facility.