GMC has embraced advanced technology to silence opposition in the market. 

Both the pickup and SUV are equipped with giant 13.2-inch touchscreens that are within reach of the driver. 

The screen's high-resolution images and advanced graphics look great. 

I am satisfied with the driving support function.  

This includes UltraVision, a feature with front and rear cameras for all-round vision while driving. 

Supports hands-free driving and automatic lane changes. Standard connectivity features include 

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and wireless device charging. 

New to the Hummer EV is his 4-wheel steering called the “Clubwalk.” GMC is proud to be the first automotive line to introduce this feature.  

The ability of the rear wheels to copy the angle of the front wheels allows the EV to move diagonally 

providing excellent handling when driving off-road and parking.

The CrabWalk feature improves maneuverability in rough and difficult terrain.  

This mode is easily activated by pressing and holding the driver mode dial in the center console for approximately 6 seconds