From giant gas guzzlers to zero-emission trucks 

this is a stunning reinvention of the world-famous Hummer. But some people 

like YouTuber Street Speed ​​717, can't help but compare the new 2022 

Street Speed ​​(real Mike) is already familiar with the Ram 1500 TRX and the Lamborghini Urus 

He knows how they behave on the straight and likes the sound of the engine when taking off or accelerating. 

Basically, Mike says he's an ICE (internal combustion engine) enthusiast, so he's not 

willing to buy an electric car just to own one. As he stated, he still doesn't believe in electric cars. 

Still, he got to test his GMC Hummer EV. If he wants

he has to sell his Dodge Viper for a price of about $110,000.  

After receiving this new gigantic vehicle, he spent a few days getting used to it 

He drives a Hummer everywhere and wanted  

know the pros and cons of driving an electric car.