This is the automobile for you if you feel that production cars aren't getting fast enough 

The Pininfarina Battista shattered the 0-60 mph production vehicle acceleration record in in 1.79 seconds. 

The Battista exceeded 60 mph in less than two ticks, which is faster than it takes most automobiles to start. 

This seems like a little achievement in a world where cars are moving faster and quicker.

But only three years ago, it was a record that appeared insurmountable until the Tesla Model S

The Bannister effect, which seeks to explain why some records seem unreachable until they are smashed

appears to be at work in Pininfarina's initial effort at a hypercar.

Then, it seems like everyone and their mother could accomplish such a thing with ease. 

A first-time carmaker has broken the barrier of the sub-2 second record for a car to launch itself to 60 mph by over three tenths of a second.

Today's EV hypercars are faster and more nimble than Hermes himself, and serve as a beacon for electric vehicles.

This is also true of the Battista. Even though this is Pininfarina's first attempt at a hypercar in production

In addition to designing and building coaches for major players like Ferrari, the automobile company was also the primary driving