The Dodge Dart Demon 340, one of the rarest MOPARs with a small manufacturing run, delivers a strong performance.

In the 1960s, Dodge established the Dart moniker with the intention of using it on a cheap vehicle for the American people.

By the end of the decade, however, muscle cars had taken over, and everyone wanted to be driving a two-door

Dodge opted to capitalise on the trend by introducing the Dart to the lineup as a result of the Charger, Challenger, and Daytona's 

Thus, for a limited two-year time (1971–1972), the industrious American could go into a Dodge dealership 

The Dart Demon 340 was never able to achieve the same levels of popularity as its other muscle car siblings despite having 

It is, nevertheless, one of the rarest MOPARs in American automotive history due to its constrained manufacturing run. 

one that changed the family automobile used in America into a muscle car.

Not the first Dart vehicle to be marketed as a high-performance muscle car was the Demon 340. 

 Dodge equipped the Dart GTS with a 340 cu in V8 while the Custom and GT used engines

However, Dodge discontinued the GT and GTS the next year, thus this designation was only used for a very brief time. 

Plymouth, a sibling company to Dodge, debuted the Duster and the Duster 340 in 1971.