The Hummer SUV EV may be the centre of attention with to its pedigree and stylish appearance

There is no denying the US's growing obsession with new-generation all-electric pickups. 

With the R1T and Cybertruck, the new all-electric vehicle manufacturers Rivian and Tesla generated the excitement. 

And the debut of models like the F150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and GMC Hummer EV truck from venerable

Naturally, these new electric pickup trucks are giving rise to new family-friendly electric SUVs,

It seems sense to compare the Rivian R1S and GMC Hummer EV SUV as both have just entered the market as stylish

high-tech SUVs primarily targeted at families interested in embracing the future of electric transportation. 

 The GMC Hummer EV SUV rides high on the emotions of the return of the renowned Hummer brand from decades past

 in contrast to the R1S, a vehicle with a heritage that was constructed from scratch. 

 Here, we step-by-step compare both fully electric SUVs to see why the Rivian R1S has a higher cool factor than the Hummer SUV EV.

The Rivian R1S and GMC Hummer SUV EV take radically different approaches to how they seem from the outside.

With its muscular-looking front grille, squared-off wheel arches and fenders, and high-running shoulder line