How A Full Self-Driving Tesla Caused A Major Eight-Car Pileup In San Francisco

Tesla's self-driving mode is under fire again, after a huge pileup occurred in San Francisco. 

Elon Musk frequently extols the virtues of Tesla and its automobiles, including Autopilot. 

Although it is a feature that is still in its infancy, work is being done on it steadily. 

In essence, it fulfils its stated purpose. It enables the automobile to drive itself, although it is not meant to completely take the role of the driver. 

The system isn't perfect, so you still need to be prepared to intervene.

After an incident on a bridge in San Francisco, that is something that is currently on full display. 

Several accounts, including one from ABC 7 News, claim that a Tesla in full self-driving mode was to blame for a significant eight-car incident that occurred across the Bay Bridge. 

Now, this doesn't seem to be a typical instance where the driver was unaware of what was happening. 

It appears that the self-driving system abruptly applied the brakes, which led to the traffic jam. 

Despite Musk's boasting, the event does demonstrate that the system is not truly suited for purpose. 

Undoubtedly, there is still a long way to go before self-driving vehicles are widely used.