One of the main issues facing Hooby is the weather, or whether to sell the 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. 

His justification for this is the value of the car. It has all the luxuries the GT350 doesn't, like dual clutch shifting and his 760bhp. 

He describes it as an "absolute miracle". 

He goes on to say that the handling of such a powerful car is so good that you always feel in control 

comparable to what Dodge has done with the Hellcat in recent years.  

Hoovie also stresses that the car could be the perfect retirement vehicle for those  

who don't want to spend over $100,000 on a hypercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. 

Priced at $81,000 for him and only 2,100 miles.  

Hoovie is at a crossroads as to what to do next before depreciation begins 

In particular, it hints that the next car will be the hottest car in 202 A. 

A quick look under the chassis reveals a noticeable leak in the gearbox and washers.  

After repairs, Hoovie will decide which route they want to take and whether it's possible.