Any football fan would know that Christian Pulisic is a great American soccer player 

Indeed, Pulisic's collection is small compared to countless other footballer's car teams. 

But the fact remains that when the stunning Ford Shelby GT500 takes center stage 

it's truly memorable. His continued tenure at Chelsea FC did not change the player's true American spirit 

as he often flaunted his wild pony car. What does it mean to  

be a successful soccer player with lots of money? An impressive collection of cars, of course. 

American superstars are big car enthusiasts who take pride in owning 

some of the most iconic cars in the world. Some of Christian's wackiest 

most impressive cars include the McLaren 570 S 

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and the wild Ford. Controversially 

he Ford Shelby GT500 stands out in Pulisic's garage full of cool sports cars and supercars. 

See how impressive Christian Pulisic's Ford Shelby GT500 is.