Roxor's history dates back to the early days of Jeep public offerings. 

When Jeep began offering vehicles that were primarily used during wartime to the public 

it first began offering the Willys CJ 

This model was built by Mahindra for the Indian market in the 1940s, and a license from Jeep still existed 

allowing the company to continue manufacturing and selling a very similar design. 

Over time, Mahindra updated the vehicle and started marketing it as a UTV

modifying the original concept. The Roxor was originally manufactured in India and has been available in India since 2010 under the model name 'Thar 

However, in November 2017, Mahindra announced that the vehicle would begin to be sold in the United States under the name 

'Roxor' and would be built at a plant in Detroit, Michigan. 

Almost immediately, Jeep challenged Roxor and the U.S. International Trade Commission confirmed 

in his June 2020 that Roxor's design was too close to Jeep's trade his dress, and Mahindra 

We were forced to return to the drawing board to customize key elements of our UTV.