The 2001 model year Lexus IS 300 was a Japanese hot rod with an eye on the BMW E46 3-series.

This was Japan's answer to every luxury sports sedan from every European luxury car manufacturer.

 Lexus' goal with the IS was to create a car with performance that would blow

the minds of manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz vehicles and BMW.

The Altezza sold in Japan was Toyota's replacement for Lexus.

The IS 300 is sold in overseas markets such as Europe, North America and Australia

The 2001MY is equipped with the much-talked-about 2JZ-GE engine, which is also common to Toyota.

the Lexus IS 300 looks clean and sporty. It doesn't look as sharp as the current generation IS 300

but in the 2000s the IS 300 gave sexy a whole new meaning. The hood drops low and has a subtle bulge

 The grill looks sleek, as do the headlights.

Front bumper has no aero details. Unlike today's sedans with grille vents and intakes all over the place, it's not for the purpose of being functional.

This is ridiculous. The side profile is also kept simple

The 5-spoke alloy wheels shown in these photos are what he'll have to find on the web if the IS 300 he's trying to buy doesn't come with the originals.

A navigation screen was available and there was a chronograph-style instrument panel with mini-gauges for temperature, voltage and fuel economy