Here's Why Real Truckers Don't Like The Tesla Semi

The all-electric Tesla Semi is proving unpopular with professional truck drivers due to long charging times and impractical seating configuration. 

Think again if you think Elon Musk is the only one capable of causing trouble at Tesla. 

Tesla management have covered up additional issues as the world has been fixated on the "Twitter files" 

and the most recent poll asking Twitter users if Musk should resign as CEO. 

A truck driver recently described the new long-haul electric Tesla Semi as "a foolish vehicle," revealing serious problems with the technology.

"I am watching a movie clip about @elonmusk's Tesla Semi - recall, the vehicle that was to transform the transport sector ...

when it entered [was previewed to] the market four years ago," wrote Tomasz Oryski, 

a long-distance truck driver who goes by the handle @TOrynski on Twitter. "I'm going to tell you why it's [Tesla's Semi] a terrible vehicle," he said.

After the seasoned truck driver exposed the flaws of the Tesla Semi, several Twitter users backed him up. 

Additionally, several social media users said Tesla failed terribly because it excluded workers  ...

who spent the most of their lives in truck cabs from its research and development phase.