A new spec analysis shows the Tesla Semi outperforms the competition in both diesel and electric trucks.

Many consumers, especially in the United States, were wary of electric vehicle technology

but after the launch of the Tesla Semi, those concerns came to a head.

Given that semi-trucks are responsible for transporting most of the goods to their destinations

it is understandable that people naturally want the best and most reliable

Thankfully, NextBigFuture's analysis is complete, showing that the Tesla Semi outperforms its competitors in a myriad of categories.

In an analysis conducted by NextBigThing, he considers nine factors when comparing

the Tesla Semi to competitors such as the Nikola Tre, Peterbilt 579EV and Volvo VRN

The nine factors include price, range, payload, federal discount, state discount, efficiency, power, maximum GCW (gross combined weight), and charging time.

the Tesla Semi costs almost half of its competitors, it's still tens of thousands of dollars more than the readily available diesel offerings between $130 and $160,000.

Operators were reassured by Tesla's semi-amber event that it would not only save fuel, but repair it

but such high initial costs remain a challenge that needs to be addressed.

the Tesla Semi has made a leap forward technologically, perhaps motivating other automakers to keep improving and introducing new products.

When truckers see electric trucks, the options are clear, and without continued investment in other brands' space, it's unlikely that will change anytime soon.