Want to purchase a three-row SUV? Here are some reasons why you might want to hold off on making 

With the arrival of the Toyota Grand Highlander in 2023, Toyota fans have reason to celebrate as the Highlander

Other than a few teaser images and the information that the 2023 Grand Highlander 

 three-row SUV, the Japanese carmaker, which takes great pleasure in precision, has not released many specifics.

We can only speculate about the drivetrain, engine, and power, but one thing is for certain: if Toyota builds a large SUV

In 2001, Toyota unveiled the Highlander moniker for a brand-new SUV,

With 20 years of solid sales and four iterations under its belt, the Toyota Highlander is still going strong,

so adding a three-row SUV to the lineup as the Grand Highlander makes total sense.

It is also timed perfectly because the new Honda Pilot will now have a strong rival.

It would also be fascinating to see how Toyota powers the Grand Highlander considering that hybrids 

all the rage given that the world is still going towards bigger SUVs and trucks, sales-wise, as well as EVs.

Toyota will make further announcements on its YouTube channel Toyota USA.