Here's Why Ford Can't Keep Up With F-150 Lightning Order

Here's Why Ford Can't Keep Up With F-150 Lightning Order

It comes as no surprise that the most popular pickup truck in the world has to participate in the EV movement. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning, which some people refer to as the "iPhone" of automobiles, is a notable addition to a portfolio of Ford models that are in high demand. 

The Lightning performs virtually all of the functions of the standard F-150 in a nearly similar package, in addition to being a powerful battery pack on wheels. 

The Lightning looks like other F-150s from the inside and out, but below it is radically different. 

Two electric motors that are powered by one of two battery packs are included in each model. 

According to Ford, the bigger Extended-Range battery allows the engine to produce 580 horsepower. The Lightning accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. 

With the standard battery, the EPA estimates a driving range of between 230 and 320 miles, but hauling a trailer quickly drains the battery, necessitating frequent stops to charge it.

This is a typical problem with EV pickup trucks, and rival models like the Electric Toyota Tundra and the Electric RAM aren't any better. 

The F-150 Lightning, on the other hand, will do if you just sometimes tow small distances with your truck. 

The Lightning is an excellent, fully electrified F-150, and it appeals directly to current F-150 owners looking for a modern take on their favorite truck.