Apple's autonomous electric car project has seen a significant delay as a result of leadership changes 

Apple vehicles have long been regarded by commentators and industry insiders as a major threat to Tesla's hegemony. 

When we consider that Apple has not yet produced vehicles, this is fascinating

And because the public is so excited about Apple's nonexistent cars, there is an update on "Apple's worst-kept secret,

Apple's so-called "Project Titan" has won praise from fans who think it's the best thing ever

but auto aficionados are becoming tired of the company's self-driving electric car's periodic delays

Remember, the project has been in the works since 2014, so it seems logical that even brand loyalists 

All we hear at this point regarding Apple's completely autonomous cars is further delays, setbacks,

Plus, rather than inventing, it appears like Apple is just attempting to copy Tesla. 

TopSpeed claims that there are unmistakable signs that the business is working on technology that is comparable to Tesla's Pilot.

Bloomberg reports that "Apple Inc. has dialled back its self-driving plans for its future electric vehicle

The Titan car project has been in limbo for a while as Apple officials have struggled to accept that their vision of a completely