If there was one thing that could have saved the Dodge, it was the Hellcat engine.

Not so long ago, before the Hellcat existed, Dodges were known only for their fancy caravans and cheap interiors.

None of this bodes well for automakers in the future. Dodge needed a Hellcat engine more than ever.

Fitting this particular powertrain to the popular Durango was home game for the 2021 model year

so Dodge executives decided to bring it back for the 2023 model year.

The Durango Hellcat was originally intended as a one-year limited edition.

Dodge saw that a very sane segment of the population wanted this mighty mallcrawler and increased

the quota for the number of these Durango. It clearly wasn't enough, as it was poised to become a target.

The Hellcat Durango has a lot of hype as he is one of the most famous SUVs of this era.

the Durango is his 3-row midsize family SUV. This sounds like a very common vehicle in a very common segment.

In most cases this is the case. Durango competes with rivals such as Honda his Pilot and Chevrolet his Traverse

This type of competition is not impressive in terms of performance or numbers involved.