Throughout the years, the Chevrolet Traverse has been upgraded to become more powerful, comfortable, and safe 

The team at General Motors has kitted out the Traverse models so minuscule that no huge release has been announced for the year-on-year upgrades.  

It was first released into the market in 2008 and saw upgrades every year until 2017.  

Production then came to a halt as it seemed the team had something up their sleeves. 

2021 is the year of the all-new Chevy Traverse, which looks to be more modern and refreshed than ever before 

It might hold the same engine, but it certainly looks like a new edition 

unlike its slightly-tweaked versions of the original from just a few years ago. 

Although the interior has seen a huge upgrade, it seems that what's under the hood remains true to its roots, which we love. 

Like the first-generation Traverse, the 2021 edition will feature the 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine with the 9-speed automatic transmission 

This featured in the 2010 model and has proved to be so impressive that the team wants it to remain in its modern edition. 

This engine can produce top speeds of 130 mph, which is not as quick as the Chevy Tahoe 

yet it is still pretty powerful. From its V6 engine, the Traverse can output an impressive 310 hp. 

Other Chevy's are more powerful, yet the Traverse is designed for comfort, convenience, and affordability. 

Nonetheless, the performance of the 2021 Chevy Traverse is due to be pretty impressive and versatile.