Electrification is inevitable, both in general and in cars, and no brand can hope for a longer future

unless it eventually includes electric vehicles or hybrid technology in its scope.

Buyers are increasingly interested in buying EVs over regular gas-powered vehicles

demand is the ultimate authority that even the most risk-taking brands cannot resist.

Dodge has stuck with electric tech for quite some time

but so far hasn't released an electric vehicle or even a hybrid model with dual-stripe badging

The muscle-centric American automaker will have to shake things up at some point, but when you look at it,

change seems to come sooner or later. announced plans to sell To the delight of many fans

it looks like it's going to be a high performance muscle machine that can only be called the Dodge eMuscle.

Let's take a look at what we know so far about future Dodge EV muscle cars.

Change doesn't necessarily mean revolution, and some brands already making forays into the EV

world are showing that they can change the vehicle's energy source and still maintain its unique essence.

Dodge plans to do just that, and has already announced that its first electric vehicle

2025 will be a thoroughbred muscle car, much like the Challenger and Hellcats before it.