The well-known maker of electric vehicles struggles with reliability.

You could think about purchasing a 2023 Tesla Model S for yourself, but if dependability 

With the introduction of the Roadster, Tesla burst into the electronic vehicle scene and quickly rose to the top of the EV industry.

Tesla dominates the electric vehicle industry with a staggering 65% market share in the United States this year.

Apart from the fact that Tesla goods are expensive, one of the main causes of this fall is their dependability

Additionally, J.D Power and Consumer Reports rank Tesla last in their dependability rankings

with an average of 171 mechanical faults per 100 vehicles, 51 higher than the industry standard.

Given the high price of Tesla vehicles, it's understandable that you would believe you're purchasing a car

just as you would if you were purchasing a vehicle from any other major manufacturer.

That's not even close to being the case with Teslas, as fires, autopilot issues, faulty sensors, heat pump and AC problems

Since both vehicles use many of the same parts, this is not even close to being the case.

The suspension arm breaking, door handle troubles, false alarms, suddenly opening and unlocked doors,