The brand-new Honda Pilot has arrived, and it reveals a lot about what to anticipate from the next new generation

The three-row Pilot SUV is the most recent model to enter Honda's line-up of new generation vehicles in the United States. 

 In line with the rest of the pack, it has undergone a total makeover for 2023.

The new Pilot boasts a revised light truck chassis from Honda that is more robust and should provide a smoother ride.

A new V6 engine, greater interior technology, and a more competent Trailsport trim with specific off-road modifications are also added.

The only vehicle in Honda's US lineup for which a new generation has not yet been shown is the two-row Pilot Passport.

However, it is quite likely that the 2023 Pilot and the new Passport will have many similarities.

Honda has not yet made any announcements on the new Passport's arrival in the US.

 But depending on what the new Pilot gives, there are a number of things you may discover about it.

A two-row, condensed variant of the three-row Pilot is the Passport.

The two SUVs are very similar to one another as a consequence

 As they transition into their respective next-generation vehicles, this fraternity is likely to endure.