Here’s What It’s Like To Drive Rivian-Made Amazon Electric Delivery Van

According to this Amazon delivery driver, this electric van is a game changer in many ways, even if it isn't perfect in some areas.

Rivian-made electric vans are replacing a sizable portion of Amazon's fleet of fuel-burning delivery vehicles, 

and it appears that delivery drivers enjoy them. 

According to this video that was just uploaded, these vans known as EDV not only are quieter, 

more technologically sophisticated, and more practical, but they also make life easier for the driver.

This 20-minute film by Friday Adventure Club describes his day using the Amazon EDV, primarily emphasising how much better it is than earlier vans.

He likes the cargo area that has double shelves on both sides, 

as well as a part where the shelves can be folded out of the way make room for taller items or the dolly he uses to bring bigger packages to people’s doors. 

Due to the absence of the steady throb of an internal combustion engine, using an EDV is not only more convenient but also more peaceful. 

For instance, the sliding door to the cargo compartment opens automatically once the car is put in park. 

It's important to note, though, that there isn't a physical switch to open this door; instead, you must use the touchscreen if it isn't already open.

With its full complement of active and passive assistance, the EDV ought to be safer as well. 

For instance, at one point in the video, the car notices a person crossing the road, sounds an alert,