The famous Carroll Shelby and Dodge worked together to create the first all-American hot hatch

When you think of the legendary Carroll Shelby, images of the blazing-fast Ford Mustang GT500

Over the years, Shelby has produced some stunning works that have allowed him to advance up

the ranks and stake out his position as a genuine automotive icon

 The Dodge Charger Shelby is one of Shelby's most renowned cars; it is renowned for its custom

The Dodge Charger Shelby is frequently a little, four-cylinder memory in an era of enormous four-door Hellcats

Carroll Shelby made some much-needed improvements to the vehicle's performance,

allowing for more power and a drive centred around superb handling.

The Charger's exterior featured a stunning two-tone paint job and signature Shelby logos sliced

 The Charger, which was the first Shelby Dodge in production, is absolutely outstanding.

The bodywork of the Dodge Charger Shelby was very stunning, including sporty side skirts and a stylish front air dam. 

A small but intriguing rear spoiler sat up back, and the C-pillar coverings were thick.

There were two two-tone colours available: Radiant Silver with blue striping or Santa Fe Blue with silver stripes.

Car aficionados liked a vehicle with a little bit more spice than Dodge had previously supplied